Taking Care of Me


It’s Friday.  Friday is my favorite day because it’s yoga day for me.  I particularly love this video because there are three slightly more difficult hour long workouts.  They stretch my abilities and my frame of mind for sixty whole minutes.  My actual favorite part of yoga is the end.  After I’ve stretched and moved – I finally get to relax.  It is my time to practice mindfulness.

I’m not good at this.  Thus why most often my mind is in a flurry of worry and anxiety about one thing or another.  I have a super chiropractor who from my second visit almost a year ago told me I had to try to practice meditation.  That I needed some mindful practices to limit my stress levels.  To take time to clear my head of the jumble of “things” that threatens to take over importance.  And still almost a year later I’m not practicing it as regularly as my last 31 days of workouts!

I have this very easy app on my phone CALM.  It’s great actually.  I would highly recommend it to anyone because the daily practices are only 10 minutes long.  10 minutes!  That’s like nothing.


However I still don’t get to it as I should.  But that’s another reason to love yoga. During the relaxation period of my videos I’m able to stop, calm my body, and practice mindful breathing.  On the days when that is extremely difficult and my mind continues to interrupt, I turn to my heart and use it as time to speak to Jesus.  I envision him in a white robe sitting next to me while we talk.  I use this time specifically just to tell him how grateful and thankful I am for him.  For God.  Not a prayer but instead a time to worship – in a relaxed way.  I am at least assured at least one day a week of mindful practice if I can’t do more than that!


One of my puppies LOVES yoga day because he usually relaxes on the floor next to me or on the couch above me.  He is the epitome of relaxing his body and mind.  I should really take a moment every day to listen to his actions and take 10 minutes to quiet my body and mind.  It would do me good.

This morning after my yoga time was over I thought about how calm I felt.  How calm I feel every time I’m done.  This allows me to be more peaceful and kind to myself, to my family, and to all those I come in contact with around me.


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