Jump in….the water’s fine…


I’ve been going to my in-laws lake home since the summer I was 17 – turning 18.  This is my 25th year here at the lake.  Even though I was surrounded by lakes where I grew up, I was more the chlorinated, clean water, see to the bottom kind of girl!!  Even after 25 years, I have to admit, that I still don’t like lake water.  It is definitely NOT my first choice for swimming.

My kids absolutely LOVE the water.  Anywhere it is – they are in it.  Playing, laughing, enjoying the moments and each other.

Today I watched two of my kiddos surfing behind the boat and I thought about their courage and bravery.  The fact that they try new things.  Scary things.  Sometimes they do it with no prodding – sometimes with a little prodding – but always ending up just trying it.


It is that fear of the unknown that makes me uncomfortable.  It is sometimes that fear of what I cannot see that makes me uncomfortable.  But mostly it is the “what if’s” that make me feel uncomfortable.  I was thinking about those parts of me that God wants me to work on that are hard and difficult to face.  That sometimes it’s way easier just to ignore his gentle prodding and instead stay in the comfort of the “unhealthy”.

But I do know in my heart that God wants more for us.  He wants us to jump in with the fish and the weeds.  He wants us to dip into the deep waters where we cannot see what’s underneath us.  He wants us to take that leap of faith because he is right there to catch us if we fall.

A few weeks ago our family was invited to a friend’s cabin for the day to celebrate a special birthday.  It was such a peaceful, quiet lake.  It felt safe.


I had watched my kids play and laugh throughout the day – nearing the end we decided to take a boat ride.  It was there that I decided to take a step into the unknown.  I stepped into the tube with my oldest and went for it!


I laughed SO HARD that my belly hurt, I screamed so loud that my throat hurt.  Spit was flying everywhere through the screams and laughing!!  I was so terrified at points I thought I might vomit.  But it was SO MUCH FUN!!  It.  Was.  The.  Best!


Most importantly I was able to share those belly laughs with my oldest.


She held me and was there to hold me up if needed.  She was there to share my experience.  God was there too – holding me via her hands!  And I know for a fact he was belly laughing all the way through it along with us!

We can’t let fear stop us anymore.  We miss SO MANY belly laughs by staying inside the boat.

When anxiety was great within me; your consolation brought me joy.  – Psalm 94:19


One thought on “Jump in….the water’s fine…

  1. I am so proud of you for taking a chance on the lake. I know that it isn’t your favorite thing, but the positive modeling you did for your kids was wonderful. Love you


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