It was one of those days today. You know the ones. Where you wish you could just go back to bed and start over before it even begins.

My day today was planned meticulously. We were down to one car because the other was being repaired. So it had to be planned down to the minute. I had a ride for my youngest to get to and from summer orchestra. I had plans for a coffee meeting with someone from church. We had back to school haircuts. We had to go to the chiropractor. We had to pick up our finished car at some point during the day. Last was a family dinner event.

Then I woke up.

A headache was pounding – a migraine was brewing. I’m laying on the couch icing my head after getting the youngest off to orchestra when it happens. My middle child wakes up with a massively (and quite grotesque) swollen right face and eye. He got stung under his eye yesterday and seemed just fine. But obviously all was not fine.

The train had just derailed.

What was I going to do? How would I get him to the doctor if needed? Why don’t I keep benedryl in the house for emergencies? Should I still go to my church meeting? And that headache had now sent me to the restroom where I think I am going to throw up.

Sitting on the bathroom floor made me think. I could literally flush the rest of the day down the toilet and fall back into my bed or I could find a way to bring the train back onto the track and just go a different direction.

I had previously sent a message to cancel my church meeting. After picking myself up off the bathroom floor, these were the sweet words I read in return from her:

Peace in your day. Breathe deeply.

How did she know the very right words to say at that moment? I’m not sure, but it was just what I needed.

Often God wants us to do just that. Take a deep breath and breathe in his glorious peace. That even amongst the chaos he wants us to breath in and let his love go deep inside and fill us up. He will fill you up with strength, courage, love, and peace. He will remove your fears and replace it with peace.

So far my son made it through the day okay. Swollen, but okay. We also still were able to make it to our haircuts and even snuck in a moment of a Starbucks coffee treat between benedryl doses (THANK YOU GRANDMA FOR BUYING AND DROPPING OFF)!!!! We got to our doctor appointments and enjoyed a beautiful dinner out with family.

It all worked out. It wasn’t in my meticulous plan, but it seems it all worked out. And it started with breathing deeply and letting God do his thing that he does so well. Being God! Because I am not.

I got to my devotions later … a lot later then normal. I also got to my prayers. I am praying Psalm 20 for two very special people in my life. But tonight I prayed it a third time for myself because as it says in the Psalm , May he give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed. -Psalm 20:4

I’m not sure if your train has been derailed, if you don’t know how to get back on the tracks, or if you aren’t sure what new path your train should take, but I do know God is behind you, beside you, in front of you, and all around you protecting you and making sure it’s all going to be okay.

May the Lord answer you when you are in distress;

May he send you help from the sanctuary and grant you support from Zion.

May he remember all your sacrifices and accept your burnt offerings,

May he give you the desires of your heart and make all your plans succeed.

May we shout for joy over your victory and lift up our banners in the name of our God.

May the Lord grant all your requests.

Now this I know; the Lord gives victory to his annointed.

He answers him from his heavenly sanctuary with the victorious power of his right hand.

Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the Lord our God.

They are brought to their knees and fall, but we rise up and stand firm.

Lord, give victory to the king!

Answer us when we call!

Psalm 20

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